MUSIC3Radio Free Voice was started back in 2011 by a Podcaster named SynDenial. She had previously expressed an interest in Radio and Podcasting to a man who told her she’d fail miserably.

The truth is she did fail, a few times, and every time she got back up and kept trying. SynDenial now goes by Devon J Hall, or Syn. Whichever floats your boat.

Radio Free Voice was always intended as a three-hour show that connected people from across the globe. During the 2012 Hurricane Sandy, RFV was live on air letting victims and volunteers know where they could meet up, and playing tunes to help calm the nerves caught in the middle of the massively devastating storm. It was a double-edged sword of awesomeness and sadness.

Sadly, life took over and RFV took a back seat to the daily activities of the voice behind the show. Co-Hosts have come and gone but RFV remains strong and diligent in the idea that every voice matters, no matter how much we may disagree.

That being said, the founder of RFV is a staunch liberal. Syn’s favorite motto of all time is “We Live As If The World Were What It Should Be, To Show It What It Can Be.” So while she’s open to giving everyone a voice, that doesn’t mean she’ll agree with every voice.

This is where you will find all the great influences of Syn’s life, musically speaking. It is here that her heart and soul really shines, for it is Radio Free Voice that gave Syn her voice back, and helped to inspire those who felt lost in the shadows.

Thank you for supporting RFV throughout the years, through every transition, every break, and every new beginning.

Here’s to another amazing incarnation of the phenomenal Radio Free Voice. May we continue to entertain, educate and inspire those who feel they have lost their voices.

Sending all our love,

Devon J Hall