The Importance of Radio

On January 13th, 1910 the very first radio program aired – it was an experimental transmission of the Metropolitan Opera House. From that moment in time, the course of human history was changed forever. Radio has been around to inspire, educate and educate for one hundred and seven years.

When I was in one of the darkest times in my life, it was an online radio that helped me to find my voice again. I will never forget being in Junior High and learning how much a radio host earns a year. Back then I just thought it would be a cool job to have, I had no idea that Radio in all it’s beautiful and amazingly transformative forms would become such a large passion in my life.

When all other forms of communication fail, Radio will always be there, in one form or another to keep us connected in times of love and of war. It is Radio that is the single most important form of communication on this planet.

Music is the soundtrack to our lives. It is the one thing on this planet that all humans have in common – we all love music, in all, it’s various and beautiful forms.

I hope that one day soon RFV will return to live radio, until then, however, I present to you my favorite tunes. Music that has inspired and changed my life, music that educates me and changes the way that I think. I am always looking for new music, so if you have tunes you’d like to share please let me know by using the Contact Me page.